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Chole Jackson

Chole Jackson — Student Athlete of the Month

Cloe has played basketball, soccer, broomball and run track. But volleyball is her favorite.
A Wood County teacher, shown in this security camera picture, grabs a 6-year-old boy and pushes him against a wall.

What would you do?

Imagine this. You send your children off to school, thinking that they’d be safe in the hands of excellent teachers, only to find out they were assaulted by one of their teachers.
cargo pants

Cargos are coming back

Cargo pants, first worn by soldiers in the 1930's, are starting to make a comeback for both men and women. What are your opinions on cargos and what do you think will be the next trend?
Daniel Hojnacki

Digital witness to a half-liter of carbonated 23-flavored bliss

He didn't really believe that God had a tally sheet marking every broken Lenten pledge. Nor did he believe that breaking this one self-imposed rule would be a mark against his morality. He was one tiny infinitesimal droplet in the vast ocean of eternity. Amidst all that, how could the unspoken vow of one man hold any significance?
Miley Cyrus arrives at the 56th annual Grammy Awards.

She Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

Riley Clifton says "celebrities will do anything to keep the public talking". And Miley Cyrus is no exception. After all, as Clifton points out, Miley isn't Hannah Montana anyone. She has grown up.

The Drowsy Chaperone is fantastic and silly

Reviewer Julianna Ruitz calls the musical a winner from beginning to end. She says the Start Drama Club should take a bow.