OPINION: Why I pack my lunch

LifeAtStart.com Reporter

School lunches are very unhealthy, and at $2.50 to me the price is outrageous.

I would much rather pack my lunch, which I do most days. I am a Type I diabetic so for me to eat a slice of pizza, orange juice, and milk — or whatever else they have everyday — would be terrible for my body.

It seems as if every time I eat pizza all those carbohydrates raise my blood sugar, which eventually leads to me not feeling good and maybe getting sick. I don’t like to have to deal with that as it is, let alone paying Start money to make me ill.

I mean come on — $2.50 for a slice of pizza, milk, orange juice or a piece of fruit. I can go to Kroger once a week and spend about a total of $7.00 and get stuff to make a salad to pack in my lunch everyday,  and a pack of bottled water for $3.50 every 2 weeks.

Time wasted in the lunch line is also an issue.

We only have 30 minutes to eat lunch, and waiting in line 15 minutes cuts in half the time you have to eat and talk to your friends.

I’m lucky to have an amazing mom that always packs I healthy lunch and has it ready for me by the time I walk out the door for school each morning.

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