Three Steps On How To Be The Scarer … And Not


Hey guys, its Corey Latimer here with some great advice. Tired of being the one who gets scared? Well look no further because I have three steps here to help you be at the top of your game with your scare tactics.

halloween1. Man up, and get rid of that ridiculous fear of the dark. On Halloween, now on Sunday night in Toledo since our fearless city leaders wimped out over a little wind and rain, the night is your best friend. Most scares happen in the dark, and they’re usually surprise scares, or jump scares as I call them. The objective of the jump scare is to dart out at your unsuspecting victim from the shadows. I’m telling you, the dark will be your best friend in scaring that special someone.

2. Know your victim. Maybe your friend is afraid of the living dead, so absolutely go with the zombie costume. The right costume or supplies is optimal. The best thing to remember in a scare is that everyone is different. You can’t always scare someone with ghost pranks, if they aren’t scared of that specific thing. The perfect option for this prank would be to go to the nearest Halloween store (I prefer Halloween town) and get a tube of fake blood, and apply most of it on your face and arms. Now remember your ally of the dark. Stay in the dark and come out fast, with force and with loud zombie-like groans. If I were walking around dead I would definitely be moaning and groaning and looking for prey. I bet you’ll send a spine-tingling shiver into this zombie fearing victim.

3. Have fun! Halloween is supposed to be a fun night that everyone enjoys with a good scare or two. The goal isn’t to  cause your best friend to have a heart attack, but to help them get into the spirit of Halloween. Hopefully this gives you a good insight on how to scare people this long Halloween weekend and not be yet another victim of someone’s trickery.