Let the grade card negotiations begin

Start_yo_teachBy RILEY CLIFTON
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Your teacher announces: “Grade cards are coming out this week.”

Riley Clifton

Riley Clifton

Those dreadful words every student hates to hear. You check the mail for days wondering when it will arrive in your mailbox. Every student has one subject you just can’t perfect, and that’s the time when a little haggling comes in handy.

Haggling? You mean just talking your teachers into giving you a better grade with just a bat of your eyelashes or a sweet voice?

That might just be what it takes. Students have tried this technique for years just hoping for the best possible outcome. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it gets you into a deeper hole than you started.

Girls, batting your eyelashes is just about the best thing you can do. It gives yourself the sweet, innocent look that you are aiming for.

To all of the guys, I suggest you don’t do this. You will most likely make your teacher feel uncomfortable. Another useful tactic is your sweet voice. Try to make your voice sound as innocent as possible but don’t forget to always be polite.

A great word choice might be “Excuse me Mr./Ms./Mrs._______, I have been trying my hardest but this grade just won’t seem to get any better”. Another great option is to explain to them how upset your parents will be. Some teachers have sympathy for that approach, but not all.

If the simple asking does not improve your grade then maybe consider requesting extra credit. Doing so will show your teachers that you truly care about your grade and will complete extra work to skyrocket that grade up a point or two.

This can make the difference between passing and failing. Simple techniques like this can make all the difference in whether or not you are grounded this weekend.

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