Review: Laramie Project engaging



The Laramie Project was not what I  expected. The story of  Matthew Shepard and how he died was told through many different interviews. From some of his closest friends to a local that just happened to be passing  by, everyone in the town of Laramie, Wyoming, had one thing or another to say about Matt.

This style of play was engaging. Instead of a reenactment of the tragic story of the death of a  young gay man, it was a dramatic retelling of his story.

There was a lot of dialogue and a variety of characters to keep track of. But if you paid good enough attention you could catch it all and understand who Matt was.

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The acting was pretty good. I never knew there were so many talented people at my school! It seemed like the cast was short of actors.  Occasionally, an actor would move into the shadows to slip into a different sweater, but the cast made it work.

After a  few standout performances, I couldn’t wait to see them again on stage. Like Leah Thopmson, her performance was emotional and she worked hard to perfect it. Or Jack Smolenski, his performance brought an innocence to the characters, which I loved. And last, Myles Meyers, was demanding of your attention.  That worked to the advantage of his characters.

Overall, I as very glad that I was able to watch this play and a little sad that I haven’t been attending before.  I will have no hesitation to attend another production. Thank you Start Drama Club for a great performance.

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Photo gallery from the performance of the Laramie Project.