Lookin’ spiffy in scarves

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LifeAtStart Reporter

Hello Scarf season! As the cold season approaches, it’s time to get out all of our colorful and stylish scarves.

Infinity scarf

Infinity scarf

There are many different styles of scarves, but the infinity and skinny/lightweight ones are the most popular. Infinity scarves are personally my favorite. There are also many different fancy designs on them.

Scarves are not only worn to keep warm, but also for fashion. You can wear a scarf around your waist, and as a head piece, but the most popular way is to wear it around your neck. There are many different ways or ideas on how to put a scarf on and make it look stylish. Fold it over and loop the end through, knot it, wrap it around your neck, or maybe put it around your neck and leave it to hang.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like much around your neck because you feel like it’s strangling you, the skinny/lightweight scarf is the way to go. It’s still a very cute and fashionable accessory.

Finding stylish yet warm scarves is easy. You can find them in any clothing store such as Target, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, and Old Navy for as little as $10.

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