Broken items break school pride


Urinals and drinking fountains, as Riley Clifton, demonstrates, are some of the fixtures in need of repair at Start High School.

Soap dispensers, urinals, drinking fountains among items in dire need of repair at Start


After a really tasty lunch, you want nothing more than to wash your hands.Commentary_With_Lines

You go into the bathroom and work up a good lather to finally finish off with a nice rinse. You go to dry your hands but alas, the paper towel dispenser has a giant hole in it with no paper towels whatsoever. That’s just one of the many things wrong with our beloved Start High School.

1.) The soap dispensers in the boys’ bathroom upstairs in the blue hallway just really grind my gears. I just want to know what’s up with Start, and its bathroom problems. The school finds the soap in that bathroom very irrelevant to anything because there hasn’t been any soap in there since my first day here at Start.

2.) But possibly more important than soap in the dispensers is a place to relieve oneself. One of the three urinals in the men’s restroom on the second floor blue hallway has been covered with a garbage bag since the second week of school, and that’s my favorite urinal.

Students speak in this video about the “broken things” at Start
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Broken trophy cases

3.) Start has many accomplishments, from many different sports, and we should be able to show that off with pride. I don’t think that’ll go very far if the glass holding it all is broken. The far right piece of glass in the main hallway trophy case had been broken all week.

4.) Many of the clocks at Start are broken. The one leading to the locker rooms has the second hand off. It’s at the bottom of the clock. Many clocks are frozen as if time has stopped. Clocks are the one thing that should work at a high school.

5.) Oh, and by the way, it was 90 degrees on a December Monday in many classrooms. But the cafeteria feels like the Arctic on most days. If the hot and cold air collide one day we may have a tornado on our hands.


Broken lockers

6.) The last thing many people tell me about is the malfunctioning locks on their lockers. They won’t open. Where do the teachers expect us to put our stuff if the lockers don’t work? Sometimes, they don’t close. So our things may be in danger of being stolen.

Come on Start!

These are just a few of the things that are broken here at Start High School. I think this is a major issue that should be fixed immediately.

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