OGTs set for next week at Start



The time has come once again for the students of Start to take the OGTs.

It’s the season for stress to consume the sophomore class as they cram and stay up late studying. But honestly, it’s unnecessary. So, I have come to help with tips, advice, and maybe a few secrets.

The OGT is the Ohio Graduation Test, a week long exam that proves you know enough to get your high school diploma. The name of the test makes it sound hard, but it’s really just a more important version of the OATs (Ohio Achievement) Test or now known as the OAAs (Ohio Achievement Assessment) .

The first tip is don’t cram and stay up late. Those are two of the worst ideas, even for a regular test, but especially for the OGT. Cramming puts too much information in your head and makes it harder to retain the information you actually need. Instead, study for an hour and take a break for a half hour.

Also, ask your teachers for help. Many of them have some great tips and advice that will help so much. No one ever wants their teachers help, but trust me, they know more than you do.

There is a great secret that I was told and passed on to my friends that helped them pass too. Read the questions thoroughly. On the multiple choice questions there is always an answer that you can immediately get rid of  because it has nothing to do with with the question. Most of the time, the answer is right in the question.

Don’t sweat it. The OGT is not as hard as everyone assumes and even if you don’t succeed the first time, you get at least four more times to retake it. Take your time, you get almost 3 hours. Don’t over think the questions, they’re simple. Just relax and you’ll pass them with ease.

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