Relieving stress at Start

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Life at Start Literally #2

Hey guys, it’s the Life at Start Advice Team here with another installment of Life at Start Literally, plus the accompanying video. Most people know how stressful being a teen can be, and the tolls it takes on your already expanding and confused mindset. Our team has a few remedies that could relieve some of that unwanted stress.

Just let it out

This may not be the guys’ first choice, but a good cry could do wonders for you. Everyone cries at some point in your life, and it’s just one way to let your emotions out. A good cry may be exactly what you need.

Work up a sweat

Sometimes, you may want to work that stress off. Go to your local gym, or you could even stay at home. Do some squats, lift some weights, or run on the treadmill. It’s a stress reliever and good for your body.

Crank up that radio

When everyone else seems so annoying, music could be your best friend. It can help you through the times when you just need to get away from everything. Find songs that inspire you, that make you feel good. The right soundtrack could make you forget about what you were even stressed out about in the first place. If you want advice on what songs to listen to, check out Kelsey’s article on music.

Sleep it off

This, is probably the oldest remedy in the book, and it usually works. Sometimes, going to sleep earlier may be just what you need. A lot of teens these days don’t even get the recommended 10 hours of sleep they need. This way, you could dream about your happy place, and you could wake up feeling happy and rejuvenated.

Whether it’s your friends making you mad, brothers and sisters being annoying, or a test that counts for 50% of your grade the next day, these things may help you forget about your stress, even for a little bit.

We know, some of these things may not be for you. So, we want to ask you. What stresses you out? How do you relieve it? Who knows, when we come to ask you, your answer may just help someone else out of a stressful situation.

That’s it for us this week, but check back in two weeks for another advice column on the things us teens deal with in our day to day lives. staff writer Corey Latimer coordinates this advice column with help from the staff. Contact Corey at