Cargos are coming back

cargo pants

LifeAtStart Staff

Many people are starting to get the hint that cargos are now in.

Cargos were first worn by soldiers in the early 1930’s. These pants have two pockets on each side that used to be easy for accessing snacks and gear. Now, they don’t serve any purpose other than for the style.

Cargos can be used for school purposes, casual wear, or a night out. They are worn by both men and women. For guys, low top Chucks or Vans can go with any pair of cargos. For my gals, I suggest combat boots or Chucks. This trendy apparel can be found at Old Navy, Khol’s, American Eagle, and JC Penny.

These pants definitely have set a new trend. What are your opinions on cargos and what do you think will be the next trend?