What would you do?

By Corey Latimer
LifeAtStart staff writer

What would you do?

A Wood County teacher, shown in this security camera picture, grabs a 6-year-old boy and pushes him against a wall.

A Hancock County teacher, shown in this security-camera picture, grabs a 6-year-old boy and pushes him against a wall.

Imagine this. You send your children off to school, thinking that they’d be safe in the hands of excellent teachers, only to find out they were assaulted by one of their teachers.

What would you do? This is what the family of a 6-year-old boy in a school near Findlay, Ohio, is asking the board of education.

Last Thursday, a child at Riverdale Elementary School was picked up, slammed against the wall, and cursed at by teacher. She told the boy that she was “sick of his damn family and sick of his stupid shenanigans.”

The teacher was overheard and she was caught in the act by a hallway video camera. Without them this situation may have never been brought to light.

My question is, what if this is happening at other schools, but in different forms?

I mean, teachers at Start High School wouldn’t push you up against the wall, but they could verbally assault. Maybe other forms of teacher assault or bullying could happen at other elementary schools, middle schools, or even at high schools.

This really opened up my eyes to the dangers of sending children to school. You don’t always know the backgrounds of teachers or what they’re life is like. Even if they have a college degree, that doesn’t mean that the degree was a BA kindness.

I think teachers should be evaluated on how they handle situations. I don’t know how they would conduct such an evaluation, but it could prevent things like this from happening.

Let me know what you think should happen to the teachers/faculty that bully students.

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