Chole Jackson — Student Athlete of the Month

Chloe_682x735jpgBy Riley Clifton
LifeAtStart staff writer

Chloe Jackson is a senior at Start and the athlete of the month.

Her athleticism all started when she was 5 and her mother forced her to take ballet. Chloe absolutely hated it. After explaining this to her father he put Chloe on a basketball team from 2nd through 8th grade. She has played much more than basketball — soccer, volleyball, track, and broomball.

Out of those she said volleyball was by far her favorite. She said the best thing about sports is bonding and hanging out with the team.

Chloe said sports consumes a lot of her time because she’s committed to practices and games but when it’s over you miss it.

After asking her if she will continue playing sports in college she replied: “No, it’s been real, but time is up.”