Girlfitti: Art or vandalism?

Who knew the walls of a high school bathroom could be such a great outlet for a teenage girl’s anger and humor? They seem to use this unlikely method to tell everyone how they feel about a certain person. Though unconventional, this means of venting is a lot better than listening to girls bicker in the hallway.

After consulting a few bathrooms, I learned a lot about my fellow Spartans. For example, a few girls agree that a certain Social Studies teacher is a babe. Or they’ve collectively decided which boys in the school rank highest on a list of the cutest. And some are just sharing their deep thoughts with the world, “You never know what you have until it’s gone, like toilet paper.” Start students sure are profound.

But, as entertaining as these wall writings are, they are vandalism and have been removed numerous times. Although, they always return, with a vengeance. Girls write more and far meaner things on their trips to the ladies room when they’ve realized their first jokes and insults were wiped off, making for a good laugh for the rest us.

And, writing this has raised one important question for me.

Do boys write on their bathroom stalls too?