Your opinion on social media videos?

By Dom / Reporter

Recently I’ve been on social media more mainly because I’m bored.

On the days I can actually make an effort to do things the free time doesn’t typically last long, so I just end up watching videos.

When days like these happen, I get on Facebook and watch numerous videos and laugh to almost all of them.

The real question is why do I laugh at these videos and why do I spend so much time watching them? Is it unhealthy to binge watch anything?

I asked around and numerous people have told me that they love watching the videos but they don’t know why they constantly watch them. We all agree we can live without it but we enjoy watching them. The enjoyment of watching someone who spent hours of their day to entertain the viewers is somewhat amusing.

When you watch a video on Facebook or any sort of blog-related social media you may come across a video that you find entertaining and then the video leads to other videos that are just as good as the first. I think it’s amazing, but some disagree and call it being unproductive with our free time.

What do you think?

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