TV REVIEW: ‘Carrie Diaries’ worth watching


Are you looking for a great television series? The Carrie Diaries is a must watch.

This show is based off the fashion forward writer Carrie Bradshaw, who you may remember from the once popular HBO series Sex and the City. However, in this prequel, Carrie is a fun-loving teen.

Riley Clifton

Riley Clifton

This program follows 17- year-old Carrie, who lives with her father and sister, coping with the death of her mother. Along the way she’s introduced to the city life of Manhattan, a place unfamiliar to a girl born and raised in a small town in Connecticut.

As many teenage girls, Carrie has some boy troubles.  She’s stuck between the bad boy Sebastian and wealthy city boys she meets along the way. This series is set in the 80s which gives it a funky, fun, style.

The Carrie Diaries airs on the CW channel; Season One has recently been added to Netflix. If you happen to miss an episode, or don’t have that channel, then watch it online at .

I highly recommend this series of friends and family discovering that letting go of old loves and embracing new dreams comes with some tough new realities, but also incredible new opportunities.