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Homecoming 2k14

By Riley Clifton
LifeAtStart Reporter

Roy C. Start High School’s homecoming dance was on September 27th.

As always, there was quite a turn out. The gym was decorated in purple and yellow balloons. The entrance was covered in mascaraed themed decorations just waiting to be photographed in front of. This year had a great variety of music for many listeners, but there was one mutual complaint. The lights were on in the gym.

After complaining to Mrs. K, the leader of Student Body Government, she explained that the fuse can’t come off because of our new lighting system.

I believe that that might of led to a decrease in dancing because some people just simply aren’t comfortable letting their freak flag fly under the lights.

Start did a great job at making sure we stay hydrated. Whoever had the genius idea to put sherbet ice cream in the fruit punch needs to be thanked. I think that homecoming 2014 was a success and I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did.

I would love to hear what you thought about this year’s homecoming.

Contact me at rileyclifton3@yahoo.com.

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