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The Teaching Dead

October is the time of year for teachers and students to show off scare skills, in a way of promoting their classes, groups, clubs, etc.

Our career tech department took advantage of the occasion.

These teachers wanted to get our attention through Halloween decorations, so they got zombified. By using the app “Dead Yourself” they made themselves look like flesh loving monsters, and displayed the posters in the hall.


“These classes are to get you job-ready after school,” woods teacher Jeff Bernard told me. “They’re classes to teach good skills to know at home, too.”

The tech classes give you hands-on experience on how to maintain basic woodwork, electrics and autos.

The zombie teachers were a fun, and creative way to catch our eye, and spark interest in those courses.

Check out these horrifying posters, and ask about the tech department in the multicolored hallway.


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