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Just Friends?

By Riley Clifton

LifeAtStart.com reporter


“We’re just friends.” We hear it all the time, but do we believe it?

I do not think that a girl and a boy can be just friends. I know exactly what’s running through your mind right now. You’re thinking about all of your friends of opposite sex and how you guys are just friends, but do they think the same? Maybe you are being honest. Maybe you truthfully don’t have feelings for this friend, but have you ever considered them feeling differently?

Men have been walking this earth millions of years ago to do two things, survive and reproduce. It’s human nature. Men find women attractive because it’s programmed in their brain. But let’s not make this bias. Women are also just as attracted to men.

Most of the time the first thing we notice in someone is looks. If we find them attractive then we would most likely try to peruse something with them, but what if you’ve known this friend for a long time? You might not of originally been attracted to them, but now that you’ve got to see their personality without all of the extra feelings, slowly you start to fall for them.

Also, what if this person is a childhood friend? Of course you didn’t have feelings for them when you first met them, but maybe now that you two are older they are getting more and more attractive and this person you saw as a child is no longer a child.

Girls and boys are always going to be friends, but maybe just a little more. In the end, someone is always going to develop feelings.

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