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October’s Student Athletes of the Month

By Monica Rodriguez

LifeAtStart.com Reporter


Start high schools’ student athlete of the month are Haley Gillespie and Ethan Pennywitt

Haley GillespieHLWY

Haley Gillespie is a junior volleyball player. She has been playing for about 7 years now and hopes to continue throughout her high school career .”I was really little when I started playing. I saw my best friend, Mariah Repass, outside playing it one day and just started for fun.” Haley said when I asked her how she got into the sport .  Haley’s journey as a volleyball star hasn’t been easy, in fact she’s been injured numerous times. She’s had a slight tear in her lateral meniscus, ACL, and IT Band; she’s even had some cartilage damage.

All these injuries still don’t stand in the way of chasing her dreams. She hopes to one day play volleyball at either Hieldburg college or Herzing Medical.

In ten years Haley would like to be finished with college and on her way to becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

When Haley isn’t on the court spiking balls, she enjoys hanging out with her team and working out at the YMCA.

She’s also a workaholic and enjoys her job at Steak N Shake. Her favorite place to eat is Subway. “I eat it before every game, it’s tradition.” She explained to me.

Ethan PennywittEthan Pennywitt

Another amazing athlete being recognized this month is Ethan Pennywitt

Mr. Pennywitt is a junior cross-country runner. He started running about 4 years ago. When asked why he started running he said, “I started running to get in shape, and I just like to run.”

Ethan said he’s had minor injuries, but nothing serious.

He doesn’t have any specific foods he likes to eat before a run, he just likes to keep it light.

Ethan might run in college, but he hasn’t thought that far ahead yet.

For fun Ethan enjoys hanging out with friends, watching TV, and playing baseball.

Check in next month for November’s Student of the Month.

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