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By Tanasia Warren
LifeAtStart Reporter

Shopping, a girl’s best friend, well, at least in my opinion. The one thing that can make a bad day turn into a good one.

Sometimes I wish I had a black card every time I went to the mall. It’s hard to just shop for one or two things, once you get inside a store you want everything. There are days when you can’t pick between which item you want so you just pick them both, or the days when you see something really cute but then the price tag makes you change your mind.

Shopping can be very stressful. When you can’t seem to find the perfect shirt to go with those pants you bought the other day. Or those times when you can’t seem to find the best outfit to match the theme for the football or basketball game.

My mom hates shopping with me. I spend up to 2 hours in one store just to walk out with 2 pair of pants and maybe one shirt if I’m lucky enough to find one to my liking. She doesn’t seem to understand the thought process that goes on in order for me to shop. Thinking in your head “If I bought these pants, what would look good with them and what will I wear them with?” or “These shoes are cute, which outfit will look best with these?” or maybe even “This shirt is not that cute, but I will look cute in it.” Trying on pants and they don’t fit you how you would like is the worst.  The looks deceived you and you want to cry because now you have trust issues.  Eventually, you do find those perfect pants and now you need to find the perfect shirt or life just won’t feel complete.

Once I find the perfect outfit, I can’t just leave. Accessories make the outfit and I must get them. After about 2 hours in the store, I finally have the outfit that’ll make the best Instagram picture. After I put it on Instagram, I can no longer wear that outfit. It’s in the code. So, I basically spent 2 hours in the store and wasted money that could’ve been used for snacks just for a collaged picture on Instagram that will hit 100+ likes. It will all be worth it though. Since I must keep Instagram updated, I will go back to the mall and repeat the process.

There’s no better feeling than having a successful day of shopping.

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