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Male: Stereotype Breakers

LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Males are now dipping their toes into the pool of fashion. You could easily label fashion as just female-based, but that would be stereotypical. Gender specific clothing was so last season. Head to toe, guys are changing their style one piece at a time.

Let’s start with shoes. Moccasins are mainly used for comfort. There was a sudden outbreak of these slippers and mostly girls were eager to buy them. Gradually guys began to wear moccasins because why aren’t they allowed to be comfortable too?

There are all kinds of jeans. One specific type that stand out among guys are the skinnies. Usually labeled as emo, goth, or even gay, the wearers don’t have to be any of these things. They can simply enjoy being stylish.

The most feminine accessory I have seen guys wear is scarves. They are usually worn during the fall and winter seasons.

Colors can also be gender specific. Guys are becoming “brighter” with their choices. Pink and purple are not just for girls anymore. Guys are using fashion as their own form of expression.

I believe tough guys wear pink, do you?

Look forward to my next outtake on us females and how we’re breaking the stereotypical mold of the fashion world.

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