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Black Friday Craze

By Chloe Russell

LifeAtStart.com Reporter


Halloween is over and Christmas is rolling in, which means pine needles all over your house and nagging about the bitter cold. There’s more to Christmas than egg nog and mistletoe. The biggest shopping days of the year come around just in time for shopping – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Everyone hears about the stories of people trampling over one another and camping outside for days on end to snatch up the best of the best, which is why Black Friday is a chaotic mess for anyone who participates. Is getting up at four in the morning to stand in lines that seem to never move really worth it?  Yes it is.

The biggest deals of the year present themselves and all your shopping needs can be taken care of. It’s simply a one stop shop kind of day.

For people who have never shopped online, Cyber Monday can seem like a foreign language. It has the same idea as Black Friday, but instead of being out all day with your crazed mother you sit in your bed clicking away on your laptop. With the world in your hands who knows what kind if deals and steals you’ll come across.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are creeping up. Start getting ready now to get your shop on later.

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