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Wintertime Worries

Semira Sawyer

LifeAtStart.com Reporter


That dreadful time of the year is here where it is sweater weather in the morning then after school it will be a beautiful day. Yes I’m talking about winter. Being born in the summer, winter is my least favorite season. I would rather be hot and  find a way to cool off than be freezing cold and have to pile on layers of clothes and end up looking like the Michelin Tire Man.

The wintertime is high maintenance. Just to go outside you have to make  many preparations  to get from point A to point B. For instance, you have to put layers of clothes on which include boots, gloves, a scarf, and hat. If the sun is shining outside on the snow you have to have on sunglasses because you will be blinded.

Not to mention you have to pay extra attention to your vehicle. You have to make sure you get your car washed daily so the salt doesn’t rust off the paint. Also you have to make sure you check your battery weekly and purchase antifreeze to put inside of your motorized vehicle.  Another preparation that is mandatory to be made is to check your tire pressure, if your tire pressure is too low you wont get good traction. With it being snow on the ground, ice comes with it. You can’t drive as fast as you normally would because you could loose control of your car and spin out.

If you are a home owner you also need to stock up on your salt, shovels, and snow blowers. It isn’t mandatory to shovel your walkway but it will benefit others. The USPS made it a rule that if your walkway isn’t shoveled they don’t have to deliver your mail. This is in the best interest of their employees so they don’t bust their head open  while delivering the mail. Also if you’re a student that has to walk to school and home owners may not be physically able to shovel their walkways such as , the elderly, the physically challenged, and the lazy – this forces students to walk in the street.

This is why winter is depressing, high maintenance, and my least favorite season.

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