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White Christmas musical was charming

By Julianna Ruiz 

LifeAtStart.com Reporter

This past Friday Start High School tackled another musical, White Christmas, and it was great. And, again, my expectations were high after seeing their rendition of The Drowsy Chaperone, which will never be topped. And, like that musical, White Christmas met my expectations fully.

This version of White Christmas was absolutely charming. Everything about this musical was cute, from their tap routines to the affection you could feel between the couples. It had the air of Christmas and was lovely to get to attend.

The only thing that made this musical better was the casting. Jack Smolenski was adorable enough for the entire cast, with a huge grin on his face the entire time. And, his counterpart, Justin Hockman was cute right alongside him. Kaitie Serres and Melissa Zahs, who played singing-dancing sisters, blew the audience away with their powerful voices.

Although most of the attention was on the four aforementioned leads, some of the better performances of the play had to be Victoria Rinker, who brought a tough spunk and sassiness that was seriously needed, and Hayle Pant, who always seems to steal the show with her bright smile and cutesy attitude.

Another standout of the musical was the orchestra led by Rob Steirman. They executed the music flawlessly, and needed a bigger mention at the end of the play.

The only problem I had was not being able to hear over the roar of students that were only there to get out of class. But, any noisy crowd can be silenced by the power of a great 1950s musical number.

Overall I loved this play and can’t wait to attend another.

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