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Start Students Fight Hunger

By Julianna Ruiz

LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Start High School has had a lot of competitions between the classes, but none of them are as important as the one happening right now. The students think they’re just trying to outdo each other, but the money donated goes to helping fight hunger in poor countries.

A group of Contemporary World Studies students have adopted a huge challenge, raising money for Heifer International. Specifically, $2,000 for a package called “Joy to the World Basket”; this basket includes four goats, two sheep, two llamas, and a heifer. These animals will help sustain an entire village, from money for food to wool for clothing, and milk for the families, donating to this cause could save lives.

Everyday this week the students and their very persuasive teacher, Kenneth Crosley, have been in the cafeteria getting students to throw their coins into the class jars. Pennies are worth points in favor if the class jar they’re put into, but any silver coins are worth negative points against the class jar they’re put into. But, ultimately the goal is to help others.

If you have any more questions on donating you can check out their twitter page @RoyCproject, their Facebook page Start High School Fights Hunger, or you could go straight to www.gofundme.com/ftch9o and donate more than a few coins. And lastly, you could visit room 149, to speak to Crosley himself.

Please join in and help these students fight hunger!

Contact Julianna at: julruiz97@gmail.com

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