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Smarter Goals

By Tanasia Warren

LifeAtStart.com reporter


In Child Development, we’re learning about goals and how it can help us later in life or even right now.  Goals are something you want to achieve. This can be something you want to be, to have, to learn, or to create.

Short-term goals are goals that you can start now and accomplish quickly – in a week or a few months. For example, short terms goals could be shooting for getting all A’s in 3rd quarter since it’s already midterm time.  Another short term goal could be to work on yourself, like learning how to be more interactive with people if you are anti-social or have social anxiety.  Several short terms goals can help you accomplish a long term goal. Getting all A’s and working on being more social can help you later in life if you decide to go to college.

Long-term goals will take you a bit longer – you can accomplish in 1-5 years, maybe even longer. For example, graduating high school. If you are a senior, however that would be a short-term goal for you, and graduating college, if you’re going, would be a long-term goal. Thinking about what you want to be when you grow up, and how you want to live could also be example of long-term goals.

Smarter goals, however, are different from just regular goals in a few ways.

A regular goal could be just saying – I will not procrastinate.   A smarter goal, which is a goal that is said more positively, would be turning that sentence into – I will get my work done on time.

It’s more of a positive push to help you better achieve that goal.

Specific– state exactly what you want to accomplish

Measurable- what will tell you that you have accomplished this goal.

Action plan- the steps you take to reach the goal you have set.

Realistic and relevant to you- think about your skills, interest and personality.

Time line for action plan and deadline for final goal

Enjoyable and ethical- are you enjoying the process of achieving your goal?

Resourced- who or what can help you. For example, people, time, money, energy, skills and information.

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