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To Eat or Not to Eat

By Michael Komorowski

LifeAtStart.com reporter


For all you carnivores out there this article is a definite must read. I’ve worked at Shorty’s BBQ for five months and with the late hours I work midnight snacking has become a fourth meal. Since most restaurants are closed by midnight I am usually stuck eating at Shorty’s. You would think Shorty’s food would get old after awhile, but surprisingly it hasn’t.

The variety served at Shorty’s is just enough to keep me from getting sick of the same food. From the delicious burgers and fries to the slabs of ribs dripping in sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, this restaurant has it all. For all those people who are not true barbecue lovers, Shorty’s offers a variety of non-barbecue menu items including chicken sandwiches and smoked brisket served on Texas toast topped with coleslaw. This restaurant will have anything to suit your meaty needs.

I have decided to rate this restaurant based on atmosphere, quality of food, and service




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