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Hallie Landis

LifeAtStart.com Reporter

I consider myself an avid reader. Reading has made an impact on my life in so many ways. This hobby has helped open my eyes to another world of possibilities. It has helped me realize my true passion, writing. I aspire to be an author as my career. Words matter, whether spoken or written, that is my motto. I aim to make an impact on somebody’s life using just those.

My all time favorite genre of books has always been fiction. Fiction-based novels, I believe, are what every high school student should get into. I want others to have and share their own experiences with certain books that really choose them in a way. Books have the ability to change people for the better. I want people to feel their own satisfaction after picking up just one book. That’s all it takes.

Reading provides a form of escapism. Books embody perfect barriers from reality. Each and every story I have delved into have their own unique experiences.

I always feel empowered after finishing each book. This feeling has helped inspire me to become a better version of myself, which gives me the utmost satisfaction.

Certain stories can make anyone feel invincible. The books I read have become my ultimate shield. Books should be used as everyone’s shield because one thing that cannot be taken away is your knowledge. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can use against anyone.

Reading makes me who I am. My future was always hidden between the lines of every book I got my hands on, now I am just embracing it. Can you?

Feel free to contact me at: halliedawnlandis@gmail.com

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