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By Hallie Landis

LifeAtStart.com reporter

Graduation is right around the corner and there seems to be a case of senioritis going around. No matter how much we prepare for college, the reality of our different futures don’t yet sink in. Before we know it, our futures become the new present. All we need to do is live in the moment and embrace what life throws at us next.

Even though it may feel like high school has dragged on, just admit that where you have spent the last four years of your academic life is a place you’re going to miss. College is going to be a whole other ballpark. It’s up to us whether we win or lose the game. Don’t think you’re in this game alone though. Everyone in the Class of 2015 will take on new challenges whether they lie at college, trade school, or work. Which ever path you choose for your future, do not allow anyone but yourself to steer you from what you dream at the moment.

Your dream doesn’t have to require a bachelor’s degree. Achieving an associate’s is just as good because going to college is a major step forward in itself. I know that most of us are tired of going to school 5 days a week. Even though that can prove tiresome, just know that college doesn’t require a full week of classes. Also getting to choose what time you get to go into a class for whatever day you choose, is even better. Becoming more independent with our education is definitely a perk. Take this opportunity to pursue a degree that suits your dream career. College shouldn’t be considered an obstacle you have to stumble through. Let it instead become a tool you can use towards the future you set out for yourself.

Furthering your education is not a bad thing nor is gaining more knowledge. Yes there are required courses you’re going to have to take, but there are also ones that benefit what career you choose to pursue. That career requires an amount of work you have to be willing to do. Allow college to mold you into your best self. If you ever happen to feel like whatever you’re doing does not make you a better person in the long haul, just choose a different path. Even if college may not be the next step for some of you, just remember to follow your arrow wherever it goes.

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