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History in the Making

BY Austin Hill
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

The football season doesn’t start on the first game of the year. A football season begins promptly after the prior season. Even though the cliche saying “football is life” is as corny as sayings get, it’s partly true- about 85 percent true, really. After a one to two month break, football season quickly resumes and becomes a five day a week commitment for the next ten to eleven months.

Though for Start high school, this immense dedication usually doesn’t quite pay off. I mean, the game of football is an extremely rewarding experience in itself, teaching valuable life lessons and providing endless unforgettable moments, but you expect your hard work to pay off in some form of team accolades, such as a league championship or a postseason run. However this customarily hasn’t been the case for Start.

Okay, it’s never been the case, save one time. One time since it’s inception has the Spartan football team captured the city league championship. But occurring in 1978, that moment has long been forgotten and has been clouded by a mediocre legacy. The Earth has traveled almost 22 billion miles around the sun since the Start Spartans last declared itself champions, and it looks as if that is about to change.

Start has also not once since its outset appeared in a single playoff game. Never. In its 50+ year life span, the football team has never played beyond the regular season. That also can become a thing of the past.

At the moment of this publication, we sit at 3-0.

At the moment of this publication, we are projected to win every city league game by double digits.

At the moment of this publication, we have a 73% chance at a first ever playoff berth.

And at this very moment, we have already made history, and are adamant to continue doing so.


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