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BY Abelino Ruiz
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

With summer slowing to a close and fall running in at full speed, it’s time to discuss what’s hot, or should I say cool for men to wear this season.  Most clothing styles are born in New York City and migrate to various cities in the eastern half of the U.S. The western half usually does not follow the same trends that we have here in Toledo because the majority of their wardrobe designs come from Los Angeles. There are many new arrivals on the scene and there is a lot of apparel that has died out. So to keep you updated, I’ll advise you on what you should and should not wear.

pocket teeMen have a lot to choose from this year, from new bottoms to new shoe trends. Shirts have made some slight tweaks that might contrast with previous years. Literally.Contrasting shades are the new thing this year and they are usually found on pocket tees. A lot of them will have one large stripe going across the chest. They’re very casual, but trendy at the same time. So you can look good and feel comfortable. On the right is a contrast pocket-tee. The stripe and the pocket contrast the rest of the shirt. Next we have button-ups. Button-ups have remained loyal ever since the 90’s. shirtThey come back every year, with very few modifications. Unlike last year, button-up flannels are something you should avoid.
]They were the thing in 2014, but not this year. Instead, there is a new material called twill. It’s soft like flannel, but it’s light. Perfect for the fall. Plaid is once again back in the mix as well. So a plaid twill shirt would be spot on

jeansAs for bottoms, the classic denim is still suitable for men. This year, though, try to avoid jeans with large rips in them and always avoid anything baggy. Small signs of wear
and tear are okay, but no giant holes that make it look like you took a butcher’s knife to your jeans. To the right are a pair of skinny jeans with small rips right above each knee. Also this fall we have joggers to work with.
Joggers took off last school year, but they weren’t there for us in the fall of 2014.They will definitely be interesting to work with this year. joggersThis summer,  joggers were made with a khaki or track material. But for the fall, they have switched to sweatpants. You should probably wear them with a tee and running shoes.

You should keep shoes neutral this fall. Any person with the slightest sense of fashion knows that you shouldn’t try to wear any flashy shoes in the fall. Brown is the best fall color, but you could probably get away with gray or navy blue. Although, those colors are best saved for the winter. Men should try and stick to boots this fall. bootsAnd we’re not talking about combat boots which were in and then out faster than we could blink. Pair the boots on the right with some cuffed denim and a plaid twill shirt, and you’ll look like you’re on your way to a fall magazine photo shoot.

So this fall we’ve got a lot of apparel to play dress up with. You can find all of the clothing above at Abercrombie & Fitch, but you will find similar styles at Hollister, American Eagle, and H&M. There are far more outfits to choose from besides the clothing I’ve listed here. You don’t have long before winter hits and you have to bulk up a bit more. The leaves are changing and you’re wardrobe should be too.

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