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Making Moves

BY Kaylah Kislan
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Technology has changed the way people interact without a doubt.

“He texts me first.” “She liked my picture on Instagram.” “He favorites all of my tweets.”

Decades ago, these sentences that you may have heard or even said yourself would not have made any sense.

Of course, years ago, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. “Social media” meant the newspaper most likely, and the only thing tweeting was the birds.

Back then, if you wanted to catch the attention of a significant other, or potential lover, you couldn’t just log on to some online social platform and send a quick direct message.

Nowadays, you could meet your soul mate through the world wide web. With apps, cell phones, and the internet, our horizons have expanded drastically.

Modern courting rituals, as the name suggests, are anything but traditional. Instead of just walking up to someone, being vulnerable and open, some people often “make a move” over text. This could spare people from embarrassment or even give them more time to think about what to say next. While it doesn’t exactly sound problematic, it has its downsides. For example, what one says over text messages can often times be misconstrued. You can’t hear the tone or inclination in someone’s voice over text. “What do I say?” “Can you read this text and tell me if it sounds good?” Those are just two of the questions I have been asked by friends. People seem to be spending more time reading into text messages than they spend enjoying the conversation.

I’m not mocking the way people go about their romantic endeavors. Like I said before, times have changed. Maybe it’s a generational thing. Or maybe, we don’t know what to say. Have we lost all touch as far as expression goes? Leaving us void of romantic letters and ballads. Leaving us with scraps of paper that read “Hit me up beautiful” and a number scrawled on the bottom.

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