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O’ Courtyard Tree

T’was the week before exams and all through Roy C

The Christmas joy was lost t’was not even found in me

There was no singing in the halls, not a carol to be sung

And on the sad tree in the courtyard, not an ornament to be hung

Maybe it’s the exams that put stress on their heads

As they sit in school wishing they were asleep in their beds

Or maybe it’s the fact that there has been no snow

And since school started, they are constantly on the go

They school all day and work by night

Their eyes droop like zombies’ as they give people a fright

They groan as they walk through the halls and stumble into each class

When all they want is to spend some time sitting on their couch

They sit on Santa’s lap as they beg and plead

“What is wrong?” He asks hoping of this burden he would be freed

They say, “I only have one single wish this year

It’s to go a day without shedding a measly tear”

“I can’t do that” he said “there is nothing I can do

Whether you cry or not is completely up to you

I will tell you what, I noticed something uncool

It has been brought to my attention that you have zero Christmas spirit at your school”

“It’s the exams” they said,” they are too much to handle

The stress builds up and makes them want to burst like a roman candle”

Santa then says with a great big smile

“I’ll let you focus on Christmas for a little while

I know that exams make you want to cry and are very hard

So in place of exams, there will be an A on your report card

There will be no exam week, so enjoy your Christmas spirit

Yell it at the top of your lungs for all to hear it

And when your mom asks you why you’re still in bed

Just simply say because Santa said”

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