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Procrastination at its finest

By Kasey Brown / LifeAtStart.com

Have you ever needed to do something important but pushed it off to do it later and ended up having to do it at the last minute? That is known as procrastination, and if you find yourself doing it often and want to stop help is on the way.

According to psychologicalscience.org, experts define procrastination as the voluntary delay of an important task that you intend to do.

Many people procrastinate because they see benefit in doing an unpleasant endeavor later rather than sooner, also at times you may encounter an endeavor that may seem overwhelming. One way to counter this is to look at the positive parts of doing the endeavor early. Another reason for procrastination is there are too many distractions.

Sometimes to avoid doing something we allow ourselves to be distracted. One way to avoid this is to move to an environment with less distractions. If you can’t move anywhere else, clear your workspace of anything that could be considered a distraction.

Hopefully some of these tips helped you stop your procrastination habits.

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