I am not a Hollaback Gurl

BY Rayne Wilcox
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

When I walk down the sidewalks in Toledo, or the hallways of Roy C, I would like to go down it peacefully without worrying about getting cat called, or boys thinking it’s okay to touch ¬†girls’ butts.

Guys nowadays think it’s acceptable to whistle and holler from the windows of their car to a teenage girl who is minding her own business. It’s not acceptable. We are not dogs, we are human beings, just like the majority of the boy population.

Another thing I would like to bring up in my article is a girl’s designated dress code that men, and or women, set up. I should be able to wear shorts and a short sleeved shirt without getting labeled as a ‘slut.’

I should not have to worry about a boy smacking my behind for being dressed for the weather. If it’s 90 degrees outside, I will not wear a sweatshirt and sweat pants.

I will not sit around and allow boys to treat me like a toy.

“As soon as a woman gets to an age where she has opinions and she’s vital and she’s strong, she’s systematically shamed into hiding under a rock.”- Sarah Silverman