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Turned Around

BY Angel Allen
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Looking back on my high school memories, I have to say that I’ve grown dramatically. I thought high school was all fun and games. Well I was wrong, I learned the hard way. I did some of my work to make it seem like I was doing something and maintaining a C average. But when I started thinking about boys, parties, and joining different clubs, like dancing and cheer-leading, then my grades started to drop.

Not really caring, I continued doing the activities I wanted. Well, when I got my first D and F on my report card, my parents put restrictions on me. I couldn’t even cheer or dance anymore. I started to reevaluate my lifestyle. I started putting all my time and energy in school and I pulled my grades up.

Now that it’s my senior year, I learned that I can’t do extra activities outside of school. I made the responsible decision to stop dancing for good. I couldn’t let my future down by doing something I didn’t see myself doing as a career. Now that it’s less than five months away from graduation, I’m happy with the decisions I made in my life.

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