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What’s in a name?

BY Kaylah Kislan
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

For most seniors, that time of the year has finally come. We’re in the home stretch of our high school careers. We’re making plans and setting goals for our future. What will we major in? What do we have to offer to colleges we apply to? What colleges will we apply to? What colleges will we avoid altogether simply because of the judgment from our peers of going to that particular college? Recently, I’ve been plagued with these questions, and recently, I’ve reached a conclusion. But of course, we can’t have a conclusion without one more question. Bear with me. What’s in a name?

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, you’re most likely aware of our nation’s Ivy League universities. Even if you’re not sure what an Ivy League is exactly, you’ve probably heard of Harvard or Yale. Two of the eight most prestigious, elitist, and selective universities. With that being said, you could imagine how people might react if they got admitted into one of these universities compared to if they got into, say, The University of Toledo. Imagine you apply to each of these universities and get accepted into both. With no limitations due to money or any other circumstances, where would you go?

Most would automatically choose Harvard University. Maybe because of their well known crest or maybe because maroon is just a great color. But maybe people would choose it just because of the name and all of the positive connotations associated with the term “Ivy League.” After all, it is an Ivy League school. Yet one perplexing fact remains- by the end of your undergraduate study at either school, you would obtain the same undergraduate degree. So does it matter? Is it just in a name?

In my opinion, it does matter, in some cases. In the real world, degrees from prestigious schools are looked at as a stamp of honor and merit, which could help the newly graduated student find jobs in their field choice. Nonetheless, whether you go to the nation’s top colleges or not so top colleges, you can still succeed in life. Whether you graduate from Harvard or our city’s university, you’ve still acquired something you worked hard for. So choose your college wisely, and remember, the only difference is in the name.

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