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Join the Club – Second Meeting Today at 3 in Room 103

BY Me’Lyea Burton
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

On March 1st, there was the first meeting for Roy C.’s very own African-American Club. Despite the name, it’s not exclusively for African-Americans and is not to segregate black students from other races.

The purpose of the club is to inform, celebrate, and educate ourselves and others about black history and culture, all while spreading positivity, equality, and awareness about racial issues. Group discussions about racial injustices and issues are not for dwelling on the negative, but for gathering ideas on how we can make changes.

I feel other races should join not only to be informed, but also because they can also relate to some issues. Not to mention there’s a variety of people and perspectives, it’s something positive to be a part of, and there’s free food.

Our next meeting is today, March 8th at 3:00 pm in room 103. Come out and support your fellow students with taking a stand to make a change.

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