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The Results Are In

BY Meghan Vogt
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Auditions for Little Women are finished, and the cast list was posted Friday morning.

Josephine, “Jo”, the second oldest March girl, will be played by senior Meghan Vogt. Jo, who is fifteen at the beginning of the play, has a strong, boyish personality. She loves literature and spends most of her free time either reading or writing. She has a short temper and is very much against the idea of marriage, which is bad for her friend Laurie, who is romantically interested in her.

Meg, short for Margaret, is the oldest of the four March girls and will be played by senior Victoria Rinker. Meg is very motherly, and, unlike Jo, she is content with the thought of a young man wishing to marry her. Throughout the story, she finds love with Mr. John Brooke.

Amy, the youngest sister, will be played by senior Kaitie Serres. Amy, age twelve, is the baby of the family. She is often treated as such, especially by Meg and Marmee. Amy is interested in art, but is mostly seen by those around her as silly and perhaps a bit too self-centered.

Theodore “Laurie” Laurence, the lead male, is a rich neighbor to the poor March family. He lives with his grandfather and is tutored by John Brooke. Laurie is aged between Meg and Jo. During the play, he becomes close friends with Jo and ends up proposing marriage to her. Laurie will be played by junior Jared Serres.

Beth, short for Elizabeth, is the third oldest March sister and will be played by senior Bella Rushing. She is quite shy and gentle, but also a talented pianist. She has a strong desire to stay at home rather than go to school or attend parties like her sisters. During the play, Beth becomes sick with Scarlet Fever, which worries her entire family, especially Jo, with whom she is particularly close.

Marmee, the mother of the March girls, will be played by senior Hayle Pant. She is very close to all of her daughters and keeps the house while her husband is away at war. She is gentle, understanding and very giving, as every mother should be.

Hannah will be played by junior exchange student Laura Sagolla. Hannah is the maid and servant of the March household, but is seen as part of their family.

Father March will be played by senior Adam Garcia. He is serving as Chaplain in the American Civil War throughout the majority of the play, but returns home around Christmas. He is a very loving father to all of his daughters, but is especially close to Jo.

Aunt March, the sisters’ great aunt on their father’s side, is very judgmental. She is the family’s rich relative and is especially harsh on Meg when she does not take financial status into account when choosing a husband. Aunt March will be played by senior McKenzie Martinez.

John Brooke, Laurie’s tutor, will be played by senior Aeron Platt. Mr. Brooke, disliked by Aunt March, falls in love with Meg and ends up proposing marriage to her.

Old Mr. Laurence, grandfather of Laurie and rich neighbor to the March family, will be played by junior Justin “BowTie” Hockman. Mr. Laurence is a kind and generous man who very much enjoys listening to Beth play the piano.

In addition to the eleven principle roles described above, the play will include six ensemble members. Three male: freshman Warren Robison, sophomore Hunter Augustyniak, senior Justin Doughty; and three female: freshman Megan Grivanos, junior Liz Boltz and freshman Stephanie Campos.

And if you wish to see these talented Start thespians perform Little Women, you are welcomed to do so on either April 15th or 16th.

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