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An Antonym for Spirit

BY Kaylah Kislan
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

We’ve got spirit- or so we thought. This year, was a year of disappointment for many Spartans looking forward to school activities. From Powder Puff being cancelled, to pep rallies void of pep, to no one Coming Home, to the annual bonfire fizzling out before it could be started, our school spirit has been at an all-time low, and it’s time we pull it together, for the sake of our school, and for the sake of those who will come after us.

For many, school activities never seemed appealing. They never enjoyed school dances, or pointless pep rallies. There will always be that selective few who will not participate. However, there is hope for those of us who simply lost spirit because those around us did. Now is the time to lace up our hiking boots and blaze the trail of spirit.

Student Council and Youth to Youth are planning a Spring Talent Show to be held at the end of April- possibly mid-May. The show, Rising Spartans, will take place in the YMCA auditorium and will be open for every student to audition, volunteer for setup crew, or simply watch. Along with students, this show will call for the support from several faculty members to be judges. It has been confirmed that our school’s newspaper advisor/ yearbook advisor all in one, Mary Mandley will fill one of three judge seats. Ms. Cheryl Kruczkowski, Student Council advisor says this show is “A fundraiser, a way to promote school spirit, and also a way for the community to view the talent of Start students.”

This talent show isn’t going to organize itself. If each student poured just an ounce of spirit into this show for just two hours, we could make it the turning point in our school’s crippling spirit. Let’s prevent this from getting cancelled like the rest of the school activities.

Updates will soon follow this article profiling the acts, students, and the judges. Time to see whether we’ve still got S-P-I-R-I-T.

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