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The Show Must Go On

BY Kaylah Kislan
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Weeks ago, the Talent Show was cancelled before it was even advertised. This week, I write to inform you that the show is back on- well sort of. Through collaboration with our high school’s Choir Director, Mr. George Wilson, Student Council advisor, Ms. Cheryl Kruzckowski has found a way to keep the Talent Show hanging on a thread. As with any collaboration, there was compromise. So if you’re looking to attend the Talent Show, or participate, you should know a few things beforehand.

Firstly, the majority of this show will be organized by the school’s Choir Department. Under new management, the show’s theme is subject to change. Previously, the idea of the show was to get as many different acts as possible, all school appropriate of course. This time around, the show will feature mostly singing acts and a few school approved dancing acts, seeing as though the entire choir class is required to participate. If you aren’t in Choir here at Start, and you wish to be in the talent show you’ll have to audition with the Choir Director. Mr. Wilson said “My students already know, an audition doesn’t guarantee a spot in the show.” While his statement was pretty clear, there’s no telling what he constitutes as talent.

Don’t let this deter you from trying out though. Rumor has it, Ms. Kruzckowski is still looking to award prizes. Standing behind her previous statements, she said “We need to get spirit back in this school. It’s never been as bad as this.” She went on to describe a talent show that took place here two years ago that was a modest success, complete with spoken word and impressions. It is clear she hopes for this talent show to trump the last, which can only happen if we have the much needed participation from the students.

With the show back on the road, you would think there would be advertisements, however, this is somewhat of an insiders only show. The Choir Director has decided against advertising to the entire school in order to avoid wasting time reviewing foolish acts, so any prospective students wishing to audition must see Mr. Wilson in order for the chance to audition. This show can only spread by word of mouth. You read it here first, go out and audition!

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