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Mark Your Calendars

BY Meghan Vogt
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Beginning this week, the end of the school year here at Start is packed with events, most of which revolve around the seniors. I believe everyone, however, should have easy access to knowledge of these events well before they are scheduled to begin. Therefore, I shall list and describe them to you now:


May 13th – Prom; for juniors, seniors and their guests only, bids available for purchase this week in the cafeteria, held at Premier Banquet Hall

May 16th – Student Council Senior Banquet, 6pm in the cafeteria, catered event, attendance by RSVP only

May 17th – Ice Cream Social; during lunch periods in cafeteria, ice cream sandwiches will be served

May 18th – Senior Breakfast; senior prank and senior week details will be discussed, great time to pay Jostens bill as they will have representatives there, 1st and 2nd hour

May 18th – Senior Art Show; all are welcome, 6pm in library

May 19th – Senior Picnic; outside during lunch periods

May 19th – Color Guard Try Outs; after school, all eighth graders through juniors are welcome

May 19th – Senior Prank

May 20th – Senior Skip Day; or, for the cool seniors, the last day of school

May 23rd – 26th – Senior Exams; in cafeteria

May 30th – Memorial Day; NO SCHOOL

May 26th, 27th, 31st, June 1st – Underclassmen Exams

June 2nd – Graduation; 5pm, Savage Hall

Be sure to mark your calendars.


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