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Captain America: Civil War Review

BY Andrew Russell
LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Captain America: Civil War. Because Marvel’s villains are so boring that they had to make the heroes fight each other.

Civil War shows the conflict of The Avengers after the government takes control over them when they decide they are too dangerous to be left to their own devices. One half of The Avengers, headed by Captain America, refuses to sign over control of the team, and the other half, headed by Iron Man, believes that government control is the safest course of action.

Let’s compare this movie to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. After all, they’re very similar. They both have iconic heroes fighting each other, both deal with the real world consequences of vigilantism, and the collateral that comes from being a superhero. However, there is one major difference between the two.

Captain America: Civil War is good and Batman v. Superman isn’t.

I feel deep sorrow on behalf of DC Comics because Civil War just did so much that Batman v. Superman completely missed the mark on. Civil War is a legitimately good, fun, funny, and action packed movie. It reached and surpassed my expectations.

The cast here is just ignorantly large. You have the return of almost every Avenger plus Ant-Man and the two new heroes they introduce this movie. It’s definitely cramped. Somehow, though, the directors mange to fit everyone in well enough, with no one being wasted or over used, and the central conflict between Captain America and Iron Man remaining the core of the story. On top of this, all of the actors have fantastic chemistry, no doubt because of all the screen time they’ve shared in the past eight years. All the characters are just enjoyable to see and hear from, and it’s the characters that drew me in and made me glad I’ve seen every single Marvel movie in theaters so that I understand everyone’s purpose.

All of the action is well directed and probably the best action I’ve seen in a superhero movie. Everybody has their place in the action, as well as the story. Whether it’s a huge clash between both sides of The Avengers or it’s just Captain America against Iron Man, the fighting is well choreographed and well shot, and adds to the story rather than just existing for the sake of more action.

I truly enjoyed this movie, and would argue that it’s the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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