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Why puppies make the best pet

By Jocelyn Hennessey / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Over the summer, I met the canine of my dreams.

I was asked to take on responsibility of pet ownership of Payton. He is a gray and white schnauzer who is very curious, cuddly, and cute. Payton was a rescue dog. Before I got him he was in a home where he was kicked around, kept in a cage, and not loved.

But, I love him and it is safe to say that we have both made a big impact on each other’s lives. 

Puppies are better than people in many ways.

For starters, they do not give you attitude. Puppies can’t talk, therefore, they can not annoy you. Another reason is they give you unconditional love. Whether you scold them or don’t pay any attention to them, they always make their way into your heart.

Pups can make your day 10 times better just by looking at them. They give a little head nod and so many kisses. They don’t understand anything you say yet can make you feel better when you’re down. Puppies know when you’re stressed, angry, or sad. They comfort you any way they can and it helps a lot.

Puppies will never deny a treat. “Treat” is the only word they hear most of the time and will do anything for one. Often times they deserve one for just being cute. This is why puppies overrule any pet.

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