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My strange addiction

By Christopher Cook  / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

As most of you may know, I carry a gallon of water with me everywhere. I was addicted to caffeine, so I would drink pop excessively.

That is a very unhealthy habit and could lead to problems down the road. I am using my water to keep from drinking other things like pop and coffee. So far it has been totally amazing and I have successfully kept myself from drinking bad things.

No, I am not doing this as a trend or a challenge. I didn’t even know there were such things until I started doing this. I switched to water to improve my health now and later in life.

I’m not a fish. I’m a human that enjoys H2O, and I don’t plan on changing.

Your body needs water in order to function properly and without enough of it your body will function improperly.

There is such a thing as over-hydrating, which could cause serious damage to your body by drinking so much that it lowers the level of salt in your blood and could even cause comas, but one gallon a day is definitely not going to do that. Also, I drink just as much liquids as any other normal person. I just drink water instead of pop so I don’t go to the bathroom more than anyone else.

There is such a thing as water weight, but that is only if you are drinking too much water to harm your body, but this is caused by drinking water when you are hungry instead of eating.

If I replace all of my daily sugary drinks with water I will not gain weight. I will probably lose weight from doing this.

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