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By Me’Lyea Burton / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Recently, Start’s African-American Culture Club had its first meeting of the year. It was a nice meeting but, it was missing something– other races.

The name might seem, to most, very intimidating, but the club welcomes all students. You don’t have to be black. At the meeting, we agreed that we need other races involved, otherwise it’d just be a room full of black people, who share most of the same opinions and perspectives on controversial issues.

Have you noticed that tables in the cafeteria are segregated by color? Or in the hallways that people are in cliques by color or style?

 The AACC would love to hear about how students, other than black students, feel about race issues at Start. It would be really helpful to get insight on how other people view racial topics because there are times when some black people make an incident seem racially offensive, when it’s something as simple as a white teen standing in front of a black teen in line. I look at other schools and see how united they are, and then I wonder why Start is so divided. Honestly, it seems as if we’re scared of each other, when we need to join forces and make our school unified. If we can get together, reach common ground, and understand and respect each other and our opinions, I believe we can make Start a better place with better memories than before.

The AACC meets every Monday from 3pm to 3:45pm in room 105. We would all be ecstatic to see new faces and hear different opinions. Please join us for a nice talk amongst peers, to gain more knowledge, and free pizza. All are welcomed and highly appreciated.

Email: melyeaaj@gmail.com

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