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By Tori St. Clair / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Are we the only life form in the entire universe?

You would get all different answers to this from different people. No matter what any skeptics have to say, there is a lot of evidence to say alien life does exist and have been visiting our planet since the ancient times.

There are hundreds of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics showing symbols resembling helicopters, spaceships, alien-like creatures, and flying saucer shapes. All of this proves ancient Egyptians would have encountered alien spaceships and this is why these objects are in their different hieroglyphic work.

Another fact that could contribute to the proof of aliens is that scientists have been discovering mysterious radio signals coming from space since 1968. The first radio beams to be picked up occurred exactly three seconds apart and turned out to be from a radioactive star somewhere. These radio signals sound like very high pitched noises.

I do believe in alien life on another planet because I don’t think our planet is the only one that could have life. There are so many places that could have potential for life forms that we don’t know about. I don’t believe that only one planet out of everything is capable for life.

Hopefully someday we will know for sure whether there is life on another planet and have more evidence.

For now we can only look into the evidence we do have leading us to believe in extraterrestrial life.

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