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The Simpsons conspiracy

By Tori St. Clair / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Being the longest-running American sitcom, The Simpsons is arguably one of the most watched television shows ever. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie have become the most well known animated family since its launch in 1987.

What many people don’t realize is the chilling predictions for the future. Some believe the show has accurately predicted the worlds biggest events. With Donald Trump destined for the White House in 2017, it all appears too real.

1. The Ebola outbreak.
In an episode aired in 1997, Bart is in bed sick, when Marge hands him a book called Curious George and the Ebola Virus. The book shows a monkey also laying in bed suffering from an illness. Also, it’s believe the monkey species is the carrier of this virus that killed thousands of people in 2013.

2. Trump’s presidency.
In 2000, the show foresaw Trump as a future leader when Bart was given a glimpse of his future by a Native American. Lisa Simpson then takes up the presidency after Trump, showing a graph depicting the countries finances plunging to the bottom.

3. The September 11th terrorist attacks.
In this episode aired in 1997, Lisa is shown holding up a magazine saying “New York $9.” Behind this is a silhouette of the World Trade Center-which resembles an 11. With this design, it is claimed to be a direct reference to the 9/11 attacks, which made conspiracy theorists quick to jump on this.

4. Guitar Hero.
In an episode shown in 2002, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are seen giving Homer a Guitar Hero jacket. But it wasn’t until 2005 that the first Guitar Hero game was released.

Now you don’t need a fortune teller to tell the future, just watch The Simpsons.

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