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Sienna’s anxiety relievers

By Sienna Bester / LifeatStart.com Reporter 

Anxiety is something that many people struggle with, especially in school.

People are always trying to find ways to relieve it, so here is a list of ways to reduce anxiety:

  • Take a deep breath. The first thing you do is take a deep breath when you get anxious. Try inhaling and exhaling slowly.
  • Get enough sleep. Inconsistent sleep can affect you physically and mentally. Try to sleep for at least seven to nine hours at night.
  • Eat right. Usually when people have anxiety their appetite might change, or they might crave certain foods. Try eating food that contains nutrients such as vitamin B. For example a lot of seafood has vitamin B.
  • Meditate. A number of recent studies highlight the positive effects of meditation on anxiety, mood, and stress symptoms.
  • Play around. Offer to take a neighbor’s dog out for a walk, or babysit for an afternoon to take your mind off of things.
  • Be silent. Plan for a time when you can completely disconnect. That means no TV, no phone, no computer, nothing. Just be silent.

For me taking a deep breath helps me when I’m feeling anxious.

If you have any other suggestions contact me at snbest01@gmail.com

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