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Elvis is definitely alive

By Tori St.Clair/LifeAtStart.com reporter

Elvis Presley is the subject of many conspiracy theories, but the most popular one is the idea that he is still alive. Many fans firmly believe he faked his death August 16th of 1977 to escape the pressures of fame.

The first bit of evidence there is toward this theory is that the cause of Elvis’s death is still unclear. It was first reported it was a heart attack, but then it changed and was a drug overdose, then his step-brother came out and said it was suicide. Also, his dad ordered an autopsy and for some reason the reports won’t be public until 2027.

Another strange piece of evidence is that a year after Elvis supposedly died, a singer named Orion whose voice sounds just like Elvis came out with an album. In his videos he even wears a mask to cover most of his face, but his hair and visible features strongly resemble those of Elvis.

The weirdest thing to happen that can be linked to this theory is that an interview came out in 2002 by a doctor named Dr. Hinton. He was a psychiatrist and had a patient named Jesse. (Elvis was supposed to have a twin brother named Jesse but was a stillborn.) After treating him for a while, Jesse broke down and claimed he was Elvis Presley. He went as far to get his DNA tested and it matched both sides of the Presley family tree. Theorists say he faked his death and then took on his brother’s name.

The last strange potential evidence of this theory is a fake funeral. At Elvis’s funeral, many people reported to see beads of sweat on the body in the casket. A guest at the funeral said this was because the AC had broke and everyone was sweating, but dead bodies can’t sweat.

Although this is a curious amount of evidence for this theory, hopefully we will know more in 2027 when the autopsy reports finally come out.

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